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Need more information? Contact our RAM Executive Committee, RAWCS Regional Coordinators or your Rotary District’s RAM Chair

Please get in touch if you would like to volunteer with RAM or obtain support for organising a future RAM event.

RAM Executive Committee

Manager Dave Pearson [email protected] (02) 6779 2616
Interim Deputy Manager Dr. Jenny Kerrison [email protected] 0400 769 632
Interim National Secretary Gloria Hargreaves [email protected]
Immediate Past National Chair Phil Dempster [email protected]
Project Funding Coordinator Bill Oakley [email protected]
PR and Media Coordinator V A C A N T [email protected]
RAM Scientific Committee Coordinator Dr Bruce Anderson [email protected]
PNG Coordinator Ron Seddon [email protected]
Solomon Islands Coordinator Wayne Morris [email protected]
Timor Leste Coordinator Phil Dempster [email protected]
Vanuatu Country Coordinator Virginia Turner [email protected]
Entire Executive Committee Above [email protected]

RAWCS Regional Coordinators

Northern Region Rus Stephenson [email protected]
Eastern Region John Macpherson [email protected]
Southern Region Gloria Hargreaves [email protected]
Central Region Milton Lewis [email protected]
Western Region Peter Mckenzie [email protected]
All Regional Coordinators Above [email protected]

Each Rotary District’s RAM Chair is listed below

For role tasks and responsibilities, see our Guidelines for District Chairs

9455 (Western Australia) Peter Mckenzie [email protected]
9465 V A C A N T
9500 V A C A N T
9520 Milton Lewis [email protected]
9550 Robert Tardiani [email protected]
9570 Bruce Howlet [email protected]
9600 (North Brisbane) Greg Berry [email protected]
9630 (South Brisbane) Jacqui Castorina [email protected]
9640 (Gold Coast) Dai Mason [email protected]
9650 Gil Padarin-Innes [email protected]
9670 Steve Carroll [email protected]
9675 Lloyd Chatfield [email protected]
9685 (Sydney) David Perabo [email protected]
9700 Trish Davies [email protected]
9710 Lynne Koerbin [email protected]
9780 Noel Howard [email protected]
9790 Jen Parer [email protected]
9800 Bill Oakley [email protected]
9810 (Melbourne) Peter McPhee [email protected]
9820 David Brook [email protected]
9830 Dr. Jenny Kerrison [email protected]
Every District Chair Above [email protected]

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updated 8th Dec 2018