Announcing A New Rotary Global Grant

We are pleased to announce our newest Rotary Global Grant project for West Timor (Indonesia). The Global Grant project will be managed in Australia by PDG Geoff Simpson, and in West Timor by PP Ratna.


  • Our work in West Timor started in 2018 with a presentation by Indonesia at our RAM National Conference.
  • In 2020, DGN Andrea, Peter McKenzie, Dr John Wettenhal, and I visited West Timor to conduct a community assessment in 4 villages in West Timor. The international travel and accommodation were self-funded. Local travel for data collected were funded by District Grant D9830 and RAM Australia.
  • In 2021, RAM and D9455 commenced implementation of USD125,000 Rotary GG for West Timor.
  • In 2021, RAM and XSPI conducted an extensive scoping study (funding from APLMA, Evans5, MPI, RAM, D9830 District Grant).
  • The new Rotary GG for West Timor was based on the scoping study results.

Next steps:

  • Similar to what Dave, PDG Phil and Jenny did in 2017 for the Timor Leste Rotary GG, we are calling for DDF donations.
    • The West Timor Rotary GG #2 now has total DDF + TRF World Fund = USD90,000.
    • Our target is USD125,000 – USD150,000
    • Current GAP is USD35,000
  • 2023 RAM Adventure Tour of West Timor – to be organized with WR Peter McKenzie.