Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) are bringing together and mobilising People of Action to eliminate malaria in the Western Pacific Rim – Papua New Guinea, Timor Leste, The Solomon Islands and Vanuatu.

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Announcing the March Against Malaria.

Walk together to raise funds to Finish the Fight against Malaria.

When Rotarians come together things get done. By organising a March Against Malaria (MAM) event in your Rotary Club, your actions can help support the work of Rotarians Against Malaria by increasing awareness of, and contribute to the elimination of, Malaria. Across the month of March (or any month if you wish), you have the chance to join your fellow Rotarians and local communities in walking to raise awareness and funds for Malaria elimination.

All funds raised will support Malaria elimination programmes in the Western Pacific Rim region of Papua New Guinea, Vanuatu, Solomon Islands and Timor-Leste.

Since the disruptions of COVID-19 a child under 5 now dies of Malaria almost every minute, and Malarial deaths and cases have increased globally by 12% and 6% respectively. Those are horrifying statistics, especially as Malaria is both treatable and curable.

Further, as Malaria impacts mostly poorer women and children, it perpetuates a vicious cycle of poverty in the developing world through maternal mortality, neonatal and child deaths, school absenteeism, burden of treatment costs and overall decreased economic productivity.

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Announcing the Global Malaria Congress to be held in Melbourne, Australia ahead of the Rotary International Convention in 2023.

This Global Malaria Congress is Important.

In the last 3 to 4 years the world has suffered continuous COVID-19 disruptions. These disruptions affected all aspects of our lives, including the stalling of progress which previously was made towards the elimination of malaria.

According to the WHO World Malaria report 2021, malaria deaths and cases increased globally by 12% and 6% respectively. That is 241 million individuals whose lives and communities are negatively affected by the burden of this disease. Malaria predominately impacts children under 5, pregnant women and the elderly. Due to COVID disruptions it is now estimated a child under 5 dies almost every minute of malaria, even though malaria is treatable and curable.

The Global Malaria Congress 2023 is an opportunity for organizations and individuals, experts and interested, to come together for the first time since COVID and share, educate and discuss how to Finish the Fight Against Malaria

What to expect at the Global Malaria Congress

 Across the two days, you will hear from globally renowned and respected malaria experts. There will be information sharing on initiatives and progress updates. There will be the opportunity to engage in more in-depth breakout sessions for specific areas of interest you. Our ambition is for you to leave the congress better informed about malaria elimination initiatives and progress, with new like-minded contacts and relationships; and more inspired to Finish the Fight Against Malaria.

We are Rotarians Against Malaria

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is a volunteer-run organization, falling under the auspices of Rotary Australia World Community Services (RAWCS), working to eliminate malaria. RAM’s primary focus has been the distribution of insecticide-treated nets to vulnerable populations in Papua New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, Vanuatu and more recently, Timor-Leste. RAM has already made a big impact in the region by supporting a proven malaria-fighting combination. This formula to date includes;

  • Prevention – Malaria Vector Control (Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets – LLINs and Indoor Residual Spraying – IRS),
  • Diagnosis and Treatment – Malaria Case Management (Universal access to quality assured early diagnosis and prompt appropriate treatment) and,
  • Education – Behaviour Change Communication 

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