RAM 2022 National Video Competition: the Scourge of Malaria Disease

Rotarians Against Malaria (RAM) is an Australian Rotary initiative run by volunteers to eliminate malaria in Asia Pacific. Established in the 1990s, RAM works with governments in our partner countries of: Papua New Guinea (PNG), Solomon Islands, and Timor Leste. In 2022, RAM will continue to provide support to Vanuatu and West Timor (Indonesia).

Each year, RAM hosts a national video competition to raise awareness of the dangers and impacts of malaria disease on sufferers. In Australia, hundreds of people are infected with malaria from their travel overseas particularly to developing countries.


Primary School pupils in the Year 2 to Year 5 age groups are encouraged to enter this competition. Each school is to form one team and submit one five minute video.


The video will promote understanding of malaria disease and the dangers of the disease. The video should relate to the importance of keeping young children safe from the dreaded malaria disease by ensuring the use of bed nets, healthy village and malaria education (prevention, early diagnosis, and treatment). In addition, the video will promote RAM and its work in malaria elimination.


Parent’s consent form must be signed and forwarded with video. Pupils are to get help from a local Rotary Club and School teachers, in preparing the video. Props for the video could include: a bed net, pull-up RAM banner, tools suited to the young children for the village clean-up. 

The Completed Video is to be saved and forwarded in USB.

Important dates Submission: no later than 30th September 2022. Winners shall be announced at the 2022 National RAM Conference.

Assessment criteria

The video is of five (5) minutes duration with high quality image and sound. In the video, malaria disease is a central theme and includes the promotion of RAM’s work in its partner countries. The information provided is accurate and effective in raising awareness of malaria and RAM.

Prizes First Prize: $500; Second Prize: $300; Third Prize: $200.


Submission of video implies that permission is granted to RAM to use the video for educational purposes via RAM’s social media sites. RAM logo may be applied to the winning and runner-ups videos.  RAM does not take responsibility for the misuse of videos posted on social media. Judges decision is final.

Contact for more information and video submission

Virginia Turner, National RAM Video Competition Coordinator; (M) 0414 245 815 or (E) vm.turner@bigpond.com

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